SummaryAU. It is 1916, and Ludwig has been waiting for two years to join his brother in the army. When he does, Gilbert promises they will both make it out alive. But the trenches are not what Ludwig expected. Even less expected is what develops between the brothers, and how they attempt to keep their souls alive, even as death threatens at every turn.
Rating: M
Warning: War, violence, OCs and incest.
Genre: Drama/Romance

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Drama 
SummaryGuilty of heresy, former knight Gilbert is arrested for leading a rebel army against the king’s new religious order. Ludwig, a retired soldier and nihilist, is the executioner set to carry out the death of the beloved heresiarch. While the trials take a long time to prepare, the two men begin to grow close to one another and their ideals start to change. 
WarningsLanguage, violence, executions, non-con(rape)(in coming chapters), AU, human names used.

… May create too many feels and cause gross sobbing.


Pairing: Germany/Prussia 
Warnings: Incest, Italy bashing, Human names, Language
Characters: GermanyPrussiaItaly,Japan
Summary: Prussia wants Germany. He knows his brother wants him back but hesitates to show it, held back by his morals. How long will it take Prussia to convince Germany that they both want the same? Lots of tension culminating with a steamy office encounter.

Part 2: 
Part 3: 

Alte Liebe rostet nicht, Chapter One
Rating: T
Characters: Germany, Prussia, mention of the Allies
Summary: It was an era defined by a Wall.

“So before you go on one of your self-righteous tirades, let me just say that this was all my fault.”

(There are also previews of future chapters here!)

Pairing: Prussia/Germany

Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Germancest, light bondage, outdoor sex
Summary: Prussia and Germany are in an established relationship. After a night of rough (consensual) sex, Germany can barely walk. Prussia is being a good lover and takes care of him.

Part 2:
Part 3:

Pairing(s): Germany/Prussia
Rating: M
Warning(s): sex; naked oil wrestling; both bottoming, both topping; human names; language
Summary: Germany always thought Prussia’s ideas were ludicrous. Naked oil wrestling, however, did not belong to one of those. Especially if the game turns into something entirely different in the end. (technically, two testosterone filled Germans fighting for dominance in an oil pit, then humping like animals).

Rating/Warnings: R for violence (alas, no room for sexytimes in this fic - hope it pleases anyway)
Prompt: Modern day Prussia and Germany working with one of their special forces teams. Emphasis on how professional they are and how Prussia just becomes a completely different person when he dons a uniform and has a weapon in his hands. *wink* And maybe Germany is just a little turned on? 

Character(s): Prussia, little!Germany
Pairing: none
Rating: K+
Summary: little!Germany makes breakfast for Prussia before he goes to a war. He makes a mess in the kitchen but Prussia loves his (burnt) breakfast.

Character(s): Prussia, Germany, Spain cameo
Pairing: Prussia/Germany
Rating: 13+
Warning: humor, fluff, sexual situations, kissing, incest, human names used
Summary: Five times Germany made Prussia blush. (And one time Prussia made him blush.)

Character(s): Prussia, Germany, human/soldier
Pairing:  Prussia/Germany
 voyeurism, oral, OC!soldier
Request: Prussia/Germany are off rutting in the woods, and someone that isn’t a nation witnesses it.

Character(s): Germany, Prussia
Rating: 13+
Word Count: 1, 137
 Germancest, human names, some fluff and kissing here and there
Summary: Germany wakes up to get ready for work. But something feels off. When he finally realizes what exactly is wrong, he develops a strong aversion for alarm clocks. Thank heavens there is Prussia to help in such situations…

Characters: Prussia, Germany, France, Spain. 
Rating: R
Warning: Human names, swearing, High School (Gauken) AU, incest
Summary: Er, their antics in a high school universe. And Prussia failing his classes.

Summary: France spikes the punch. But if we close our eyes and pretend we’re still in the army, is it still incest?
Warnings: Sex, incest, kind of dub-con, swearing 
Rating: NC-17 / Adult
Pairings: Germany/Prussia + France/Prussia - but it’s for plot reasons, honestly 

Title: Ribs and Rhymes [1/2] 
Chatacters/Pairings: Prussia/England, young!Ludwig, Austria; Prussia/Germany in next part 
Rating: PG-13 
Summary: There was once a story of a child so loved by darker things that they granted him the ability to raise the dead and soothe his grief. In his determination to resurrect his brother, Prussia discovers that child is England. 
Author’s Note: Based loosely on the Grimm fairytale The Singing Bone

Second part: 

Summary: Gilbert and Ludwig are two soldiers on a German camp. While Ludwig does all his brother’s work, Gilbert lazes around with girls. 
Rating: M
Warning: Incest, human names 
Paring: Germany/Prussia