My Bloody Valentine

Wooden floor boards creaked with effort as someone walked across the floor. Well it was Ludwig’s ceiling at the moment. The rugged blonde rested his head against the wooden post that he was chained to. It looked old and worn, but the wood wouldn’t even splinter with Ludwig’s greatest force.

The blonde had given in days ago. He didn’t think he would ever be saved, and that broke his heart. That meant that his brother didn’t think he was worth the time. That meant his brother didn’t really love him like he thought he did. That meant Gilbert would leave him to die in the basement of some old wood cabin in the middle of nowhere.

The captors wanted money. And that is exactly what Ludwig’s elder brother had. Ever since the albino took over their father’s company. But the elder German’s heart wasn’t really in the company. He wanted Ludwig to take the job, or have himself and Ludwig sell the company and run off together like some love struck idiots.

Maybe they were.

Their incestuous relationship would be found out eventually so they just wanted to get away, but for the last few months Gilbert seemed distant and a few nights a month he disappeared all together. 'He's probably seeing someone else. Someone he could actually have a future with.’ The thought made the blonde bitter and angry.

The trap door creaking open broke the young German out of his angry state. A tall, hick-looking, man walked down with a plate of food in one hand. Wurst. Ludwig’s mouth watered. He was sohungry. The blonde tried to reach for it as it was set down, but his chains made the food just out of reach.

A rumbling laugh emanated from the man. “You either reach for it or beg.”

Ludwig growled at the man and sank back to his post once more. He still had his anger which meant he still had his pride.

The man let out another bark of laughter. “Like a puppy refusing to do a trick. I think your brother has given up on you. A few more days and the boss says we’re dumping your dead body into the lake.” With that he exited the basement and slammed the trap door, laughing the whole way.

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